David Álvarez

Sales Director


David Álvarez is a seasoned professional in the field of cable and wire harness manufacturing, making significant contributions to the industry through his role at Loganmex. With a career spanning over two decades, David has become synonymous with expertise, innovation, and excellence in this specialized sector.

David’s extensive knowledge of manufacturing processes, coupled with his passion for technological advancements, has driven Loganmex to continually evolve and adapt to the ever-changing market demands. Under his guidance, the company has not only met but exceeded customer expectations, delivering bespoke solutions that cater to a diverse range of industries, from automotive to aerospace.


Quality Control System
Products development
Customers Satisfaction

Work Experience


Under David's leadership, Loganmex experienced consistent year-over-year sales growth. He developed and executed comprehensive sales strategies that resulted in the expansion of the company's customer base and increased market share.


David Álvarez established and nurtured long-term relationships with key clients. He was the primary point of contact for major accounts and consistently provided exceptional customer service, ensuring client satisfaction and repeat business.


Recognizing the importance of diversifying the company's client portfolio, David led efforts to enter new markets and industries. His strategic vision allowed Loganmex to adapt to changing market dynamics successfully.

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